Establishment of the VET Union

was encouraged in response to the decisions of the Second
Conference «Vocational Education and Training: From Demand toRecognition» and the IV All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference «Problems of professional development and professional retraining of specialists» in May 22-23, 2002.

The VET Union includes educational organizations of Vocational Education and Training,higher educational establishments or their structural subdivisions, in which additional professional programs are implemented, as well as public associations and individuals.

The members of the Union are technical and humanitarian educational organizations, among other things — providers of training specialists in medicine, culture and the agro-industrial complex. Currently, the VET Union is represented in 41 cities from 38 regions of the Russian Federation, with 104 members.
In 2016 the European Association of VET providers (ESEDA) joined the VET Union.

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